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" Life Style Communities "
Myrtle Beach is best known as being a "Disneyland for adults"

There is no shortage of Restaurants, Attractions, Activities, Shopping and certainly Golf.

However, there is a new way to glitz up Real Estate sales in America.
They are calling these new communities "Lifestyle".
On the surface it's easy to understand the immediate attraction.
Within the development they offer a variety of pools, tennis courts, large gathering hall(s) etc.
It's inspiring and looks terrific,  but it comes at a price.

Homes are more expensive than homes of similar amenity & quality in other developments
Lots are smaller
Neighborhoods are more congested
It takes longer to get to a main road
Perhaps most importantly, the monthly bill. It can be VERY expensive and can go up at any time.

If you were living in a remote area of the country where there's nothing to do,
this type of community might have advantages.

It begs one question: 

Given that Myrtle Beach is Internationally known for an endless list of things to do,
why would you want to pay ( forever ) to go to the same 3 pools ?
Are "Lifestyle Communities" right for you ?